ExportHub is media partner of Sports Innovation Conference

ExportHub is media partner of Sports Innovation Conference

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About Sports Innovation Conference
Date and location: February 13, 2019, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The sports industry is a multi-billion euro sector that continues expanding at accelerated pace. In order for this growth to maintain sustainable, innovation is needed.

Massive changes like wearable technology, mobile fitness, quantified self movement and big data are opening up a range of new possibilities and innovations in a very short time span. Accordingly, modern sport businesses need innovative and effective management practices to meet the changing expectations of the current fast-moving society.

The Sports Innovation Conference will address these aspects, from different angles of view.

The topics of the conference will focus on two main angles:

  • Technological innovation in Sport
    • Wearables
    • Innovative materials
    • Big Data
    • Innovative sport food/supplements
    • Specific technology (addressed to coaching/training, competition, rehabilitation) & human factor
  • Sports Innovation in Business
    • Data/Media use in sport
    • Funding/Crowdfunding
    • Sport tourism & accommodation
    • Sports marketing

International speakers will share their experience and vision with the audience.

In addition, workshops and an exhibition will bring interaction and open discussions.

For more information about the program and registration, we invite you to visit the conference website https://sportinnovationconference.eu/

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