nicoline van enter program Nicoline van Enter, Founder, The Footwearists footwearists logo program
tom peeters 150x150 Tom Peeters, Brand Manager Phits Insoles, RS Print, on “Adding value through additive manufacturing”, More information
rsprint logo program
arno hermans program Arno Hermans, Founder, 3Dmouthguard, on “Custom made protection in sports”, More information
3d mouth guard program
any zynga program Andy Zynga, Professor of Strategy, Maastricht School of Management maastricht school of management msm program
marc in het panhuis program Marc in het Panhuis, Professor of Materials Science, University of Wollongong, Australia, on “Fins and surfboards: 3D printing, IoT, big data, machine learning and performance testing”, More information wollongong uni logo program

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