New 3D printed shoe concept replicates running on sand

New 3D printed running shoe concept replicates running on sand

Most of us want running shoes that help us run faster and longer. But if you’re a hardcore runner, you might be looking for a way to make it more difficult to put one foot in front of the other.

That’s why people frequent Sand Dune Park in Southern California, a giant hill that’s–you guessed it–made of sand. It’s a popular workout spot for professional athletes like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant because running on sand is so damn hard.

Sand Dune Park is the inspiration behind a new shoe concept Grit that aims to give wearers the training benefits of running on sand wherever you are. Designed by Art Center College of Design recent graduate Aarish Netarwala in response to a prompt from Adidas asking student designers to imagine the future of sports, the 3D-printed shoe is composed of complex lattices that provide support where you need it, and collapse when you don’t, forcing the wearers to expend more energy as they’re running.

From there, he created a prototype where the 3D-printed latticework, made of a thermoplastic elastomer, wraps entirely around the shoe. The shoe is composed of two pieces, the 3D-printed shell and a sock that slips inside. Eventually, Netarwala imagines personalized shoes based on each person’s running gait, with the densest latticework in whatever part of the foot the runner tends to land on most. Read more


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